Corona Virus & Covid-19 Precautions

Changes to the way we operate, our methods and practices will change with the recommendations provided by the UK Government and the UK Chief Medical Officer.

Remote Support where possible especially for those isolating

We will provide all support remotely where possible rather than with an on-site visit. You can prepare for this by downloading our remote support software to your computer before you ring:

Increased precautions for on-site visits

If an onsite visit is the only way then, with mutual consent, Mark will visit, thoroughly wash hands before and after the visit. Mark carries a mask and gloves with him in the car. Please let him know if you would like him to wear them during the course of the work.

New computer/tablet supply and set up

We will continue to supply and set up new computers/tablets for our customers.

As well as our usual onsite method of setting up we now also offer to complete the set up and configuration in our workshop. We will then wipe the computer/tablet down with alcohol wipes and deliver the computer to your door ready to be used. Once connected to the internet we can finish off any additional configuration remotely using our remote support software and a phone call.

Smart Phone & Tablet Remote Support

We now offer remote support for all mobile devices (Apple and Android). Simply click here to download the support app and then give us a ring.

We will not visit you if any of our staff or families have displayed any of the symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days leading up to your appointment. Equally, please let us know if you develop symptoms between the point of booking your appointment and the time of our visit.