Windows 7 End Of Life

Posted on July 7, 2019
“Windows 7 End Of Life” Wow. That sounds a bit over-dramatic and to be honest, it is. This is the phrase that is being used to describe the next and final stage in one of the most popular versions of Windows’ timeline. But what does it actually mean and should anyone running a Windows 7 computer expect their computer to stop working or become unusable on January 14th 2020. The short answer…. NO. Keep calm
Internet Security While Away from the Home/Office – brace yourself this is a full explanation, if you want the short answer then scroll to the bottom. Are you travelling abroad over the summer and planning on using your devices while there? Do you regularly use shared internet connections in cafes, pubs and restaurants? While at home your devices are pretty safe tucked away behind the firewall in your router. The biggest risk factor while they

Choosing a new computer

Posted on July 7, 2019
CHOOSING A NEW COMPUTER?? You may be looking to buy a computer for a number of reasons, Windows 7 is reaching “end of life”, one of your children is leaving for Uni soon, your old computer is wheezing or you just need a another computer for a new member of staff. Where do you start? The choice is seemingly bamboozling. Here is what we do when we’re asked to supply a computer by one of