Internet security while on public WIFI

Internet Security While Away from the Home/Office – brace yourself this is a full explanation, if you want the short answer then scroll to the bottom.

WIFI Security with VPN

Are you travelling abroad over the summer and planning on using your devices while there?
Do you regularly use shared internet connections in cafes, pubs and restaurants?

While at home your devices are pretty safe tucked away behind the firewall in your router. The biggest risk factor while they are on your own private network is YOU, your browsing habits and your ability to spot cyber-risk when you see it.

When you’re abroad or on a public internet gateway it’s a whole other matter. Your device needs to be secure and so does your access to the internet.

A lot of people think that the “private browsing” or “incognito” option on your browser achieves this but it doesn’t. Private browsing allows you to use the internet on a device while leaving as little evidence of where you’ve been as possible on the device.

To securely access the internet on a public gateway or hotel/villa internet you need a good antivirus, secure VPN and, if you’re in public, wing mirrors to make sure no one is watching your key strokes (ok maybe wing mirrors would be a bit excessive but you get the gist).

You know what Antivirus is but what’s VPN?

VPN was originally developed to allow companies to give employees secure access to their networks, and the data on them, while working remotely. However it has another useful attribute. It allows you to use public/shared WIFI to communicate with the internet securely by setting up a secure “tunnel” onto the internet so that no one can snoop on your activity, your information or your logon/security details.

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Either way, have a GREAT time and treat any communal hotel/cafe/villa computers with deep suspicion!!
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